Our fastest and most efficient I-TYPE to date encapsulates our learning from three seasons in Formula E. Attack Mode power increases from 225 kWh to 235 kWh.

  • Max Power:
    250 kW

    Attack Mode:
    235 kW

    Maximum power regeneration:
    250 kW

  • 0 - 100 km/h:
    2.8 s

    Overall Length:
    5 160 mm

    Overall width:
    1 770 mm

  • Max Speed:
    280 km/h

    Battery weight:
    385 kg

    Minimum weight (inc. driver):
    900 kg


    The Generation 2 lithium ion battery (385 kg, 52 kWh) is housed in a carbon fibre safety cell. The battery's usable energy is the equivalent of fully charging 5 000 mobile phones. The Rechargeable Energy Storage System (RESS) is charged prior to the race and the regeneration braking during the race coverts energy back into the battery.


    The Panasonic Jaguar Racing Motor Generator Unit (MGU) is all new for season 6 and is based on the team's learnings from the first season with the Gen 2 car. During development and testing the team focused on making the MGU lighter and more efficient to further improve the overall performance of the I-TYPE.


    The bespoke Silicone Carbide module I-TYPE inverter is developed by Panasonic Jaguar Racing. The inverter takes the direct current (DC) stored in the battery pack and turns it into the alternating current (AC) that feeds the motor and gives us the power to use.


    The new, extreme look isn't purely for aesthetics. The I-TYPE 4 has been specifically designed to increase the down force, courtesy of its large diffuser to offer superior grip even when closely following another car. Another prominent feature is the new FIA Halo head protection device, with its innovative LED light strip. When the lighting on the Halo glows blue, the car and driver are in Attack Mode. The Halo glows magenta when the driver has activated FanBoost, allowing fans to easily follow the strategy of their favourite team or driver.


    Jaguar's reputation for performance, technology and design was forged within the world's most challenging circuits and championships.


    Stunning design and breathtaking performance. Explore how our experiences in Formula E are transferred to our on-road electric vehicles.