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Jaguar I-Pace driving on road beside solar panel



Thrilling Jaguar power and dynamics with zero tailpipe emissions – everything you would expect from an all-electric performance SUV.

Jaguar I-Pace features Power


I-PACE features a 90 kWh battery and is propelled by two permanent magnet synchronous electric motors. The motors provide 294 kW and 696 Nm of useable instant torque.

Jaguar I-Pace featuring breaking energy


Enhanced Brake Regeneration recuperates almost all braking energy, helping to maximise I-PACE’s range.

X-ray of Jaguar I-Pace wheel drive


Power and torque response is immediate. The motors adapt to your inputs, conditions and available grip.

Jaguar I-PACE Driving down a road


Controlled independent braking adds to the turning forces acting on the car, maximising sports car-like agility.

Jaguar I-PACE Side while driving


This optional feature further improves aerodynamic performance and range, automatically lowering the car at extended speeds over 105 km/h.

The front of a Jaguar I-PACE showing airways


The optimum balance between cooling and aerodynamics. Active Vanes open when cooling the battery and close when not needed to smooth airflow.

Jaguar I-Pace featuring heating and ventilation system


Highly efficient, the heat pump uses heat from the outside air, and the vehicle, to warm the cabin via the heating and ventilation system.


Seamlessly integrated technologies make controlling I‑PACE’s features, and your connected devices, simple.


Our Pivi Pro infotainment system is as familiar as your smartphone. Key information such as Navigation1, Media and Contacts is only ever one tap away.


The 31.24 cm (12.3) high-definition Interactive Driver Display provides relevant driving information, including full screen navigation with 3D mapping, exactly where you need it. Its high resolution ensures the utmost clarity while the refined processing engine delivers smooth‐moving, pin-sharp graphics.


British‑based MeridianTM Audio is all about the musical experience, intensifying the levels of depth, clarity and realism of the music by using a combination of advanced acoustic technology and strategically positioned speakers. Choose from MeridianTM or MeridianTM 3D Surround Sound systems.

Jaguar I-Pace Pivi Pro infotainment system
Heads Up Display
Autoplay Stop

    The GO I-PACE app shows you how Jaguar I-PACE would fit into your life. It gives you facts and figures as if you were actually driving the car including journey maps, projected battery range and usage, available charging points en route and your estimated cost savings.

  • Live Apps


    The Jaguar Remote app2 enables you to interact with I-PACE from your smartphone. Check your car’s charge state, charging status, charge rate, estimated EV range and other indicators. Start and stop charging, manage charging tariffs and set the maximum state of charge remotely.

  • Roadside Assistance


    With Jaguar Optimised Assistance, you can make a direct call to the Jaguar Assistance team should you break down. In a more serious incident, SOS Emergency Call automatically connects you to the emergency response team. They will notify the emergency services to your location.


Charging is best done when you park your car overnight. As you unwind and rest, I-PACE recharges safely, ready for the next day.


Charging at home is not only convenient, but also the cost of electricity is often less per kilometre when compared to petrol, diesel or en route charging. To charge your I-PACE at home, we recommend a professionally installed home charger – also known as a wall box or home charging point.

Jaguar I-Pace charging at charging station.


Charging away from home can just as readily mean charging at your destination as it would charging en route. With the charging network continuing to expand, it’s easier than ever to charge on the go. I-PACE’s navigation system will also help you find charging points along your journey.


    Your Jaguar I-PACE has a towing capacity of up to 750 kg and a maximum coupling point (nose weight) of up to 45 kg. A detachable tow bar is available for purchase from Jaguar Accessories.


    Water and shockproof, the all-new second generation Activity Key3 lets you unlock, lock and start your vehicle. So whatever outdoor activities you and your friends have planned, there’s no longer a need for conventional car keys.


    I-PACE utilises a combination of aluminium and steel to form a rigid cage around the battery, providing increased safety for all vehicle occupants.


    Choose from a range of features designed to make driving and parking simpler and safer. With many innovative technologies available, you’ll find all features have been designed to enhance your driving experience, while providing more safety.


*Charging times will vary dependent on many factors, including but not limited to: the age, condition, temperature and existing charge of the battery; facility used and duration of charge.

±The figures provided are NEDC calculated from official manufacturer’s tests. Figures may vary according to environment and driving style. For comparison purposes only. Real world figures may differ.

1Connected Navigation will require further subscription after the initial term advised by your Jaguar Retailer.

2Remote contains subscription services that can be extended after the initial term advised by your Jaguar Retailer. The Jaguar Remote App will need to be downloaded from the Apple App Store/Google Play Store.

3Activity Key can be charged in 1 hour, providing up to 7 days battery life.

Optional features and their availability may differ by vehicle specification (model and powertrain), or require the installation of other features in order to be fitted. Please contact your local Retailer for more details, or configure your vehicle online.

Please note that standard features may be replaced when selecting alternative trim levels. Standard features may also vary depending on country of purchase, engine variant and transmission.

In car features should be used by drivers only when safe to do so. Drivers must ensure they are in full control of the vehicle at all times.

Pivi and InControl features, options, third party services and their availability remain market dependent – check with your Jaguar Retailer for local market availability and full terms. Certain features come with a subscription which will require further renewal after the initial term advised by your Retailer. Mobile network connectivity cannot be guaranteed in all locations. Information and images displayed in relation to the InControl technology, including screens or sequences, are subject to software updates, version control and other system/visual changes depending on options selected.

Meridian is a registered trademark of Meridian Audio Ltd. Trifield and the three fields device is a trademark of Trifield Productions Ltd.

Jaguar Land Rover Limited is constantly seeking ways to improve the specification, design and production of its vehicles, parts and accessories and alterations take place continually, and we reserve the right to change without notice. Some features may vary between optional and standard for different model years. The information, specification, engines and colours on this website are based on European specification and may vary from market to market and are subject to change without notice. Some vehicles are shown with optional equipment and retailer-fit accessories that may not be available in all markets. Please contact your local retailer for local availability and prices.

Smart Settings is intended to be released as part of a future wireless software update. Software development and releases are subject to movements in planning and programming, and dates may be subject to change.

Timed Charging available from mid-2021.

Vehicles shown are from the Jaguar Global range. Specifications, options and availability will vary between markets and should be verified with your local Jaguar Retailer. The figures provided are official EU Test Figures. For comparison purposes only. Real world figures may differ.

Includes a 75 kg driver and full fluids.

‡‡Includes full fluids.

Dry: Volume as measured with VDA-compliant solid blocks (200 mm x 50 mm x 100 mm).

Wet: Volume as measured by simulating the loadspace filled with liquid.

The range depicted is as per Worldwide harmonized Light vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) and must not be considered as a representation of the actual range which the vehicle may be able to achieve in Indian conditions. Jaguar Land Rover India Limited shall not be held liable for any such express or implied representation. The actual range varies from region to region and is based on a variety of parameters including but not limited to configuration of the vehicle, number of passengers in the vehicle, weather conditions such as but not limited to ambient temperature, humidity, etc., style of driving, traffic, road conditions (including but not limited to changes and fluctuations in inclination, altitude etc.), usage of the features in the vehicle such as but not limited to air conditioning, etc. WLTP (Worldwide harmonised Light vehicle Test Procedure) is the new process that has been phased in from 2017, which measures fuel, energy consumption, range and emissions in passenger vehicles in Europe. This is designed to provide figures closer to real-world driving behaviour. It tests vehicles with optional equipment and with a more demanding test procedure and driving profile.