Jaguar XJ Outside Glass Office Building.


Tailor XJ to your lifestyle. Choose from the extensive range of practical and stylish accessories available.

The vehicles shown in the filmed content on this website may not be exact representations of recent upgrades and enhancements. Please refer to your local Jaguar retailer for the latest specifications.

Really make it yours by adding style, practicality and versatility with official XJ accessories from your local Jaguar Retailers.


Add the personal touch to your XJ's luxurious cabin with a range of finely crafted accessories.

Jaguar XJ Accessory iPad Holder.


Accessories Include: The Jaguar iPad holder, which fits onto the back of the front seat headrest. Additionally, the Jaguar coat hanger mounts simply and securely on the front headrest.

Jaguar XJ Coat Hanger Attatched to Seat.


Add more individual style to your XJ with these accessories.

Jaguar XJ Script Illuminated Treadplates.


Accessories include: Illuminated tread sill plates, growler wheel nuts and a polished tailpipe finisher, giving your XJ a fine finishing touch.

Jaguar XJ Growler Wheel Nuts.


Practical accessories to help you get more from your XJ.

XJ Utilities


Accessories include: A snow traction system as well as a snow sock winter traction aid, keeping a firm grip in snowy, muddy or icy conditions.

Jaguar XJ Winter Traction Aid.

Choose an XJ model then add options and accessories, as you build your own XJ with our Configurator. If you'd like to personalise your XJ further still, you can browse our full online catalogue.