Jaguar Front Headlight Close-up.



Given the outbreak of COVID-19, while we continue to stay home and strictly comply with the notifications and directions issued by the Government of India and respective State Governments, it is important to ensure that your Jaguar is looked after for which you may follow the tips given below.

Please note that these tips should be followed only if you can reach your car without violating any of the directions and/or notifications issued by your local authorities, State Government and Government of India.

1. Start the engine of your car once a week and allow it to stay idle for 10 minutes with all electricals switched off.

2. Clean the interiors once a week with all electricals switched off. While doing so, ensure that the doors of your car are kept closed. This avoids excessive battery drain.

3. Rinse and clean the wiper blade edges and the windscreen with a simple washcloth.

4. In order to avoid flat spots on tyres, every 15 days, move your car forward by half a meter, reverse it and then put it back in parking mode.

5. In order to prevent rusting of the brake pads and discs, avoid splashing water on the tyres.

6. It is necessary to regularly check the engine bay and car interiors for rodent marks. Please do ensure that your car is parked in a clean area.

We wish you well and hope that you continue to stay safe. For any queries related to the maintenance of your Jaguar, please contact us on 1800 258 6655 or email us at

Please do note that due to the outbreak of COVID-19, our services have been impacted and you may experience a delay in response. We sincerely regret any inconvenience.