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The All-electric Jaguar I-PACE delivers electrifying performance levels and is the perfect balance of luxury craftsmanship with intuitive technology. It stands true to the spirit of Jaguar design, and represents a cleaner, more sustainable future in India.

Find out more about the experience of owning an EV from I-PACE owners in India.

“Being tech-savvy and an early EV adopter, I took the decision of buying the I-PACE almost instantly. And it has been a truly rewarding experience.”

The I-PACE’s acceleration is mind-blowing; it’s like a bullet! What impressed me further was how comfortable and quiet the car was the first time I drove it. I was also impressed by its precise handling.

It has quickly become my go-to city vehicle. The features it offers make it a breeze to drive around, with 3D surround camera being my favourite feature.

- Dr. G.D. Agrawal

“What made buying the I-PACE easy was the way its acceleration impressed me. It is out of this world, and for all the driving enthusiasts, the instant torque is a treat. Visually too, the I-PACE looks distinct.”

I absolutely love driving my I-PACE. In fact, driving a combustion engine car feels dated now.

The I-PACE’s body roll, and center of gravity is good. It feels very grounded when driving. I was also impressed by the Adaptive Cruise Control, the intuitive dual screens, and the rear seat space.

While I mostly charge the I-PACE at home, the partnership Jaguar has with Tata Power EZ Charge Network, makes charging even easier.

Overall, my experience has been brilliant as I drive it every day to office. It has quickly become my go-to car to cruise around the city.

- Mr. Karan Sharma

“I first saw the I-PACE in Germany in 2018 and was quite impressed with it. I still remember the moment clearly because of the impression the car made on me. The I-PACE is brilliant; it has a unique presence and great ride quality.”

Being an early EV adopter, I believe they are very functional, and eliminate the need to hunt for petrol stations, whilst representing a new way of travelling. And the I-PACE is a brilliant EV with a unique presence and great ride quality.

I felt the design is very distinctive, and it really stands out from the existing ICE cars.

Nowadays, car manufacturers just change the engine and call the vehicle an EV. Whereas, Jaguar has built the I-PACE from the ground up, making it a key factor in my decision to own it.

What made owning the I-PACE even more special is that Jaguar allowed me to customise the car in detail and to my liking. The build quality of the car along with Jaguar’s world class service give me complete peace of mind. It is now my primary car of use.

I absolutely love the I-PACE.

- Mr. Shiv Kumar

“I am very excited about my new
I-PACE. It has such a unique design and beautiful colour, that it always turns heads wherever I drive it.”

When I visited the Jaguar showroom in Mumbai the I-PACE caught my attention immediately. It was beautiful to look at and I also loved its drive quality.

Today, I am proud to say that I am the first I-PACE owner in Nagpur.

I decided to purchase the I-PACE primarily because it is environment friendly and has no tail-pipe emissions. I love that it has a very unique design, and the seating arrangement is very well thought of; it is spacious in the rear as well as the front.

When I first sat inside the I-PACE, its easy and user-friendly controls on the screen and steering wheel were highly appealing to me.

The I-PACE was delivered in time for my wife’s 50th birthday, making it all the more special. The overall process was absolutely hassle-free and I am extremely happy with my car.

- Dr. Chandrashekhar Pakhmode

“We love driving in the I-PACE. It’s much easier to drive and comfortable in comparison to other vehicles. Its excellent acceleration just adds to the excitement of travelling in it.”

Electric is the future. And considering EVs are still new to the Indian roads, we wanted a credible auto brand. The Jaguar I-PACE was the perfect answer to that. We booked it as soon as we found out that it will be launching in India.

We also attended the digital launch and were very impressed with the car. Our search stopped right there.

The looks of the car are stunning. We fell in love with it at first sight. And the acceleration beats no other car that we have driven. On the inside, the rear seating is great. We also love the climate control feature which is available for all the passengers.

It has quickly become our primary mode of transport as we drive it daily to-and-from our office and also use it for inter-city commute within a 250 km radius from Pune i.e., to Mumbai-Shirdi-Pune.

The I-PACE gives us a great range in a single full charge. In fact, we recently even travelled to Mumbai, to collect Ms. Praveen's award for the ‘Lokmat Mumbai Women achievers Award for Business Excellence’. For that trip, we just charged it to 100% at home and were able to drive from Pune, to-and-from the venue in South Mumbai without any worry throughout the trip.

We’re proud to tell everyone that we have the Jaguar I-PACE, and that it’s is now a part of the family.

- Mr. Abhishek Kumar Burman, and Ms. Shabnam Praveen

“The silent cabin, exhilarating drive and quick acceleration made buying the Jaguar I-PACE an easy decision.”

I still remember the first time I drove the I-PACE as it was my very first encounter with an EV. And as soon as I drove it, I loved it.

I wanted my first EV to stand out, so I chose a black I-PACE with red interiors, and I absolutely love it. It grabs the attention of my friends and everyone else wherever I drive it. The generous leg room and space in the rear is much better than what I currently drive.

The I-PACE checks all the right boxes for me; a silent cabin, exciting acceleration of 0 to 100 in just 4.8 s, and advanced safety features.

I am also very happy with the range I get as I drive to-and-from my factory daily. In fact, I charge my I-PACE just once in 5 days or so.

The arrival of my I-PACE couldn’t have been timed better since it was delivered to me on my birthday, making the celebrations even more special.

- Shubham Choudhari


“I have been a Jaguar enthusiast for as long as I can remember. The brand has a very unique appeal, and the all-electric I-PACE commands attention that only a Jaguar can.”

When I first saw the I-PACE with my family, we were amazed by its presence.

After learning about the benefits of owning an EV, my wife and I decided that it was the perfect choice for us. The I-PACE has quickly become our everyday partner.

When I drive my I-PACE, it never fails to turn heads. Its stunning road presence, and distinct looks are always a conversation starter with my peers and other onlookers alike.

The I-PACE offers me utmost comfort in every drive, especially with the smart settings that enable me to set the temperature of the seats to my liking. On the inside, my children love exploring the many interactive features of the I-PACE.

Another feature that really impresses me, is the technology that automatically stops charging the battery as soon as it reaches 100%.

Now that I have become a part of the I-PACE family, I cannot wait to see what the future of Jaguar EVs in India would look like!

- Mr. Vinod Kumar

Jaguar I-PACE