Jaguar C-X75 concept car in white parked in a studio.



The C-X16 is a car designed for performance, itching to be driven. If you want to take a passenger, well, that’s up to you. By deliberately creating as cocooned a space as possible around the steering wheel, the driver is shrink-wrapped into the cockpit, sitting right at the centre of this world.

The singularity of purpose exhibited by the exterior styling of the C-X16 is reinforced the moment the door is opened, where driver and passenger are greeted by a dramatic red interior trimmed in the finest materials; Alcantara® micro-suede, anodized machined aluminum, carbon-fibre and dark chrome.

The gears are controlled with a joystick-style gear lever which could have come from a fighter jet, as could the bank of aluminium, carbon fibre and chrome toggle switches.

Push the red starter button and an aircraft-style start sequence powers up the displays and twin-dial instrument panel, while a touch-screen display gives an insight into every aspect of the car's performance.

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