Jaguar's ethos centres on redefining performance and, as Adrian Hallmark says, "Jaguar is doing that with eyes firmly fixed on the future." The C-X16 gives a good indication of how the next generation of Jaguar sports cars will produce power in new technologically-advanced ways.

The C-X16 is driven by a prototype, supercharged, all-alloy V6 engine. This in itself points the way to the next generation of enhanced, efficient, powerful, internal combustion engines. But the concept car can also call on the services of a performance-boosting electric motor inspired by Formula 1 systems.

Reduced fuel consumption means the car can perform as a zero tailpipe emissions electric vehicle at speeds of up to 80 km/h – and it offers a constant, on-demand short burst of power and acceleration. Known as 'Push to Pass', this lets the driver increase the car's power by 70 kW for a burst of up to 10 s. In the unlikely event that you need extra power there's a little bit more, right beneath your fingertips, waiting to be unleashed just by pushing a button on the steering wheel. Because of the lag-free nature of an electric motor, this power is instantaneously available.

In order to retain the unblemished muscularity and uninterrupted airflow along the flanks of the car, the door handles are entirely flush with the bodywork. Touch sensors built into the handles trigger silent electric motors, which present the machined aluminium handles to driver and passenger.

Jaguar CX-16 running on hill road


Jaguar interior and dash board details